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What Is Beard Butter?

Beard butter is a great source for deep conditioning your beard and providing the nourishment your beard needs to grow from a healthy foundation.  Fortified with premium quality raw butters & cold-pressed carrier oils, Uncle Donnie's Beard Butters offer the ultimate hydration & moisture, providing the deepest conditioning your beard needs in order to grow to its fullest potential. With Daily use, Uncle Donnie's Beard Butter helps soften, strengthen, & condition your beard from  the roots to the tips.

What Is Beard Balm? 

Beard balm offers the best option for styling and keeping your beard looking fresh and ready to step out into the world with confidence.Uncle Donnie's beard balms are fortified with locally sourced organic beeswax, curated from a local beekeeper. Infused with high quality conditioning butters & premium cold-pressed carrier oils, Uncle Donnie's Beard Balms are perfect for styling & grooming your beard to perfection. 

How Do I Apply Beard Balm?

Use your thumbnail to scoop desired amount into hands; rub into hands and apply to your beard. Be sure to massage the beard balm deeply into your beard, focusing on getting down to the skin beneath your beard. Use a comb or brush to work in the beard balm and style to desired preference.

How Do I Apply Beard Butter?

The same way you'd apply the beard balm! Again, making sure to focus on massaging the beard butter deeply into your beard and getting it down to the skin beneath your beard. Use a comb or brush to work in the beard butter and style to desired preference.

How Often should I apply Beard Balm & Beard Butter?

That's really going to depend on your beard and what your beard requires. Every beard is different, so pay attention to your beard & what it's telling you?

Beards Talk?

They sure do! And your beard is telling you to keep it fresh with Uncle Donnie's Butters & Balms!

Does Beard Balm & Beard Butter Help My Skin With Itchiness?

Yes! The natural ingredients infused into Uncle Donnie's Beard Balms & Beard Butters help moisturize the skin underneath the beard, which helps reduce itching & flaking. 

What Kinds Of Oils Are Used In Uncle Donnie's products?

Uncle Donnie's beard products are made with all natural cold-pressed carrier oils, all natural raw butters, natural essential oils, Premium fragrance oils & freshly made, locally sourced organic beeswax.

Are There Any Nut Oils In Uncle Donnie's Products?

YES! Uncle Donnie's Beard Butters & Beard Balms are infused with cold-pressed Sweet Almond oil & raw African Shea Nut butter. If you have any know nut allergies, these products may not be the best fit for you.